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during your tattoo appointment

follow these guidelines

to streamline your session


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What to bring with you? Here’s a checklist to help you be as comfortable as possible:

* legal proof of age

*loose fitting, expandable, comfortable clothing

*extra hoodie, or blanket (if you tend to get chilly)

*water, or beverage of your choosing

*Snack (especially for longer sessions)

*sunglasses (tattoo area lighting can be very bright)

*payment method (cash or credit card)

Proof of age:  Austin tattoo shops require that you show proof of age and complete a release form before being tattooed for the first time, so please bring your drivers license, passport, or military ID with you.

Clothing:  Please wear clothing that allows us to get at the area you are having tattooed, with room to spare.  It is important that we can easily access all tattoo areas, and it is also helpful to be able to see surrounding areas so that we can ensure a properly tailored design to compliment your body.  Often the clothes you wear to your tattoo appointment will get ink on them, so please don’t wear anything valuable, just choose dark colored, comfortable garments you aren’t overly attached to.  Many people have a “tattoo outfit” they dedicate to the process.  If you are someone who tends to get chilled easily, or if your tattoo covers large areas of the body, it may be helpful to bring a hoodie, a fleece blanket, a sarong, or even a bath-towel to help keep you warm.  Some Austin tattoo shops do not offer privacy, but hubtattoo can offer you absolute privacy.

Creature comforts:  You may bring just about anything you like to help make yourself comfortable, snacks such as granola-bars, grapes, or a light sandwich, as well as mints or chewing-gum can be nice to have.


Sunglasses are a great idea, very often our work lights will be shining directly into your eyes.  Normally we have water at the studio you are welcome to, but if you prefer juices and sodas, etc. please feel free to bring bottles-NO CANS PLEASE!   iPods, iPads, etc are something that SOME people enjoy to distract themselves, however, I would suggest forgoing them-  tattooing is a process we go through together, and as an artist I find that working on a client who is cut off from me and the studio by their own digital entertainment,diminishes the experience for us both, so please, refrain from headphones and such unless you truly feel you need them.

Company of your own:  I would prefer that you come to your appointments alone, so that we can focus on the task at hand without the distraction of another person.   If you feel you must have company of your own, you may bring ONE PERSON with you. Please do not invite more than one person unless pre-approved by michael.  Please be sure that anyone you invite will respect the atmosphere of the studio, and help us to keep it fun, friendly, and calm.  (please silence your cell phones upon entering the studio).

Finding your “zone”: While getting tattooed, please try to relax, and find peace with the procedure.  Similarly to yoga, or meditation, it is important when getting tattooed to relax and let it happen.   The best approach to receiving tattoo work is to relax deeply, breathe into your diaphragm, and accept the sensation, knowing that it is voluntary, it is temporary, and it is a necessary part of the process.

What to expect:  When you arrive for your appointment, plan to spend a few minutes talking about the plans for the day as we get the work area set up for you.  If this will be your first appointment there will be a period of time spent applying the tattoo design.  The design may be hand drawn using sharpie markers, stenciled on, or a combination of both.  You will be given the opportunity to check the design and approve or modify the design before any actual tattooing commences.  Normally the goal of a first appointment (unless the tattoo is very small) is to design the tattoo and complete as much of the outline as possible.  Subsequent sessions will address the color and shading of the design.

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