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frequently asked questions

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Reading and understanding this frequently asked questions page is the best first step you can take before having a consultation.  Lets make the most of our time and avoid asking or having to answer frequently asked questions during our consultation.

    For an even more in depth understanding of how it all works, please visit our

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When am I available?

I offer tattoo services in Austin January-April and in Vermont May-December.

If you join the hubtattoo mailing list you will receive email notification when my schedule opens for booking.

Do I need an appointment to get a consultation?

Yes, all consultations are scheduled at a time and location to be determined after pre-screening.  For in-depth information about how to arrange for consultation please click here.


How much will my tattoo cost?

I charge $200 p/h (there is a 3% service charge on all credit card transactions).

(Rates for collectors in the North East may vary- email for more info)

Typical sessions last between three and seven hours. It is impossible to say with certainty the exact final cost of any tattoo, but at each stage of the process I will be able to offer you increasingly accurate estimates on the final cost.


Is my deposit refundable/transferable?

Deposits are neither refundable nor transferable.

Non-refundable means that under no circumstance will your deposit be refunded if the tattoo has not been 100% completed. If you provide at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation, your deposit will remain in good standing.  If you miss your appointment without giving the advance notice your deposit will be lost, and you will have to pay another deposit to retain your remaining appointments.

Non-transferable means that you cannot “give” your appointment to someone else.

It should be noted that the deposit is your “promise” that you will show up, on time, at the scheduled time.  If you are running late please call or text me AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU WILL BE LATE.  Clients who arrive 15 minutes late or more without notifying me BEFORE the start time of their appointment will forfeit their deposit, and the appointment will be cancelled.  A NEW deposit will be required to keep any remaining appointments or to reschedule the missed appointment.


When can I see my tattoo design?

All tattoos are HAND DRAWN directly on you, and so the design is not available for viewing until the time of your first appointment. This allows for us to imagine and craft the design TOGETHER, and ensures a more efficient and personalized experience. Much that is imagined at the initial consultation is refined during Session One.



How soon can I get my tattoo?

The timing and availability of appointments is unique to every client, and depends on many factors. For more information on this topic please click here.


Can I bring my friends with me?

At this time due to the fact that I am tattooing in a private location- you may not bring guests with you to your appointments.  Please be prepared to arrive alone-  anyone who disregards this rule and arrives with a companion will not be admitted and will forfeit their deposit.


What if I live out of town?

Out of town/state clients are a valued part of the hubtattoo community and I will do everything I can to accommodate you. Please allow for extra time to plan and coordinate your tattoo. Contact me well in advance of your desired tattoo appointment date and together we will come up with a workable solution to your travel considerations.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Fees are due at the time of services rendered. I gladly accept cash, PayPal and all major credit cards (3% processing fee on all credit transactions).



How do I care for my new tattoo?

For VERY detailed guidance on this matter, please click here. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow the aftercare provided by your tattoo artist. Each tattooer’s work will respond to different techniques, and each client’s skin will respond differently to the tattoo process.




How long before I can swim/sun my tattoo?

It is generally recommended that you avoid swimming, soaking, and sun exposure on the fresh tattoo until it has healed COMPLETELY. This time may range from several days to several weeks. If you want to minimize the healing time, you must be attentive and diligent in the care of your new tattoo. For more information on this topic, please click here.

Do you do cover-up tattoos, and can my tattoo be covered?

I really enjoy doing cover-ups.  Covering old, unwanted tattoos engages a part of the creative brain that is very distinct from designing tattoos on “clean” skin, and I enjoy the challenge.  I only take on cover-up projects if I feel that the new design will be effective enough for the finished work to look just as good as if it were NOT a cover-up.  Almost any tattoo can be covered, but in order for the cover-up to be a complete success there are often restrictions and conditions that may require a bit more flexibility from the client.  Generally (but not always) cover-ups need to be quite a lot larger than the tattoo they are meant to cover.  Often the desired subject matter and or placement may not be possible, and often I will need absolute control over the size and placement of any given subject in order to effectively complete the task.  As with any other project, a cover-up will require a consultation in order for us to learn wether or not we can find a solution that will be effective.

What about WHITE tattoos?

White ink is really for making light colors out of darker colors, or for VERY small highlights in color or black and grey tattoos.  Although you CAN have an all white tattoo done, NO TATTOOER can guarantee the outcome.  White ink often turns brown after it heals, or disappears altogether or may even fade to reveal pink scar tissue.  Any white tattoo you have seen that is bright white and highly visible is probably either fresh, or the person wearing it is abnormally lucky.  My opinion is that if you want to try to get a white tattoo, go ahead, just for the fun and novelty of it.  Do not, under ANY circumstance get a white tattoo if you will be crushed when it fades away or turns brown, because the odds are good that this is what will happen.


What about tattoos on darker skin?

There are a few things to consider regarding tattoos if you have dark skin.  A person of almost any ethnicity can have what is considered “dark skin”, from a very tan Caucasian person, to people of Asian, Hispanic, and African descent.  It is important to understand that tattoo pigment is placed in the skin UNDER your naturally occurring melanin.  Any color used in your tattoo will be COMBINED with your natural skin color.  This means that you can never really have a color in your tattoo that is significantly brighter than your natural skin tone.  Although the use of white or very pale colors is common, it should be noted that bright/pale colors are the first to fade and the most susceptible to failure over time.  The techniques used to make tattoo colors seem very vibrant and bright are mostly achieved by liberal use of very dark colors and black to establish contrast so that the brighter colors seem brilliant.  The reality is that even the most incredibly bright looking colors are actually darker in tone than the clients natural skin.  What this means for people with darker skin is that you cannot reasonably expect to have bright color.  The illusion of bright color  has everything to do with CONTRAST.  If a person has very light skin, a wider range of contrast can be achieved, and so the tattoo appears bright.  A person with darker skin cannot hope to achieve the same contrast simply because the black ink is not significantly darker than their natural color, and the lighter colors will be over-powered by their natural melanin.  The right approach to tattoo designs for darker skin tones is to aim for SIMPLE, BOLD, HIGH-CONTRAST designs without a lot of small details, soft delicate shading, or light colors.


Can I get tattooed while Pregnant?

No. The process of tattooing releases stress hormones in the mother, and therefore is stressful to the unborn child. All measures should be taken by an expectant mother to avoid distressing her unborn child. Tattooing pregnant women is also illegal.

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At hubtattoo we hear a lot of frequently asked questions.  In an effort to educate and inform the public, and to safeguard the clients time please read this frequently asked questions page so that our consultation can be as efficient as possible.  Emails we get asking about things already addressed in the frequently asked questions page may not get a response.  If you would like to suggest a topic for our frequently asked questions list, let us know!  Frequently asked questions lists are a very important part of public understanding.