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making a commitment

put your money where your mouth is

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Okay you have decided on the tattoo artist you want to work with.  You’re probably either going to have to come back in a few hours when they have been able to draw your design, when they become available, or you’ll be making an appointment for a later date.  In any case, if you are serious about getting tattooed, leave them a hefty deposit to demonstrate your seriousness.

Different artists will charge different amounts for deposits, but any tattooer who is serious about being prepared to do the job for you at an agreed upon time will ask for a deposit.  Expect to pay between $20.00 and $500.00 deposit depending on the job at hand.

*Beware any tattooer who says you don’t need to leave a deposit, often that suggests that they may not show up, or be ready for you at the agreed upon time.

If you are not absolutely committed to getting tattooed by the artist, do NOT schedule an appointment.  Deposits on tattoo appointments are NON-REFUNDABLE, and NON-TRANSFERABLE.  Non-refundable means that under no circumstance will your deposit be refunded if the tattoo has not been 100% completed. If you provide reasonable notice of a cancellation, your deposit will remain in good standing and may be applied toward your re-scheduled appointment.  Non-transferable means that you cannot “give” your appointment to someone else.

* It should be mentioned that your tattooer needs to show you the same respect.  It is absolutely reasonable for you to expect the artist you scheduled with to contact you with reasonable advanced notice of any circumstances which arise that will prevent them from being able to tattoo you at the agreed upon time, and to make every reasonable effort to reschedule your appointment for the next available time which is convenient for you both.

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