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all submissions must be received by the summer solstice on June 21 2012

hubtattoo VIDEO CONTEST!

to whomever creates the coolest, most informative/educational, and most profesional looking video about hubtattoo, I will award a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE

video must be delivered to me in a format which allows me to upload it to the hubtattoo youtube channel and will be used for promotional purposes. Video theme and content only specification is that it is educational/informative ABOUT hubtattoo maximum time length is 10 minutes. second and third place entries will receive 200 and 100 dollar gift certificates respectively links to each video submitted will be posted on facebook winners will be chosen by a “like” count of their video on facebook on july 21 2012


Enruiqe’s entry 3RD PLACE

John’s Entry 1ST PLACE

Jordan’s Entry 2ND PLACE