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I understand that my schedule can be difficult to get onto, and not everyone is willing to wait for six month intervals just to find out IF we can work together.  Sometimes I am unable to accommodate every client, even when their concept is very appealing to me.  Often the sheer number of requests I get mean that as few as 10% of those who inquire are able to schedule appointments.

In other cases the tattoo that you’re after may be of a style that I am not ideally suited to. I almost never take on tattoo projects such as portraiture, lettering, horror theme, or reproductions of other artists work.

If you have been directed to this page it is because I would like to offer you my assistance in connecting with a tattooer who is better suited to the style of tattooing that you are after, or to help you connect with a tattooer who can help you sooner than I will be able to.  Please click the following links to connect with my colleagues, examine each of their portfolios for yourself, consider if one may be the best tattooer for your project, and tell them I sent you!

John Perez

 Cora Crettenand 

Scott Ellis

Randall Muntz

Leila Willis-Newton

  If you would like to read more about how I recommend you shop for a tattoo artist, please click HERE.

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