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new clients

tattoo austin hub tattoo hubtattoo tattoo artist michael norris tattoo shop inside studioPLEASE

if this is your first tattoo with hubtattoo-

read the following pages before contacting me…




If this will be the first tattoo I have done for you, you are a “new client”.


Please join the hubtattoo mailing list if you would like to receive the scheduling notification.

No tattoo appointments are scheduled before new clients pass pre-screening. If you are interested in working with me please read the CONSULTATIONS and FAQ pages and follow the steps explained there.

Sometimes new clients need a bit of patience to get onto my schedule.  I will do the best that I can to accommodate you, as soon as I am able.  Wait times vary based on WHEN you first contact me, and WHAT you are interested in having done.  Typically I am only able to accept 5-10 new clients per season.  Often, due to high demand what this means is that every season there are many new clients I am not able to accommodate. If I am NOT able to accommodate you, I will inform you as soon as the seasons booking has finished, and offer to either try again next season, or if you prefer I will refer you to a colleague with more availability.

Actual wait time for new clients varies between 3 months and 2 years.  At this time new clients are NOT chosen on a “first come first serve” basis.  At regular seasonal booking times when I receive more new client requests than I am able to accommodate I will select clients based on the appeal of their concept.  Tattoo ideas that appeal to me the most will be chosen for the limited available new-client appointments.

Large tattoos, on clients who offer me the most creative freedom interest me the most.  I enjoy imagery of animals, flowers, skulls, other naturalist elements, and a wide variety of mythology/eastern religious/mysticism imagery.

I am NOT interested in lettering, portraits, tribal, patriotic/military imagery, water-color, gore, cartoon characters, or christian symbols.

Will this be your first tattoo?

 All the more reason to sit back and be PATIENT.  Getting your first tattoo is very exciting, and probably if it’s your first tattoo you are eager to get started.  But if your first tattoo turns out poorly because you rushed into it, well, thats no good.  Be sure that your first tattoo is a masterpiece that will keep you happy.  You only get one chance to get your first tattoo!

Please understand- I wish that I could tattoo everyone who wants to work with me, but for several years now it just hasn’t been possible.  If you have a consultation with me, I will tell you if your concept is one that is likely to have priority during scheduling season.

*Each new client is required to pay a $400 NON-REFUNDABLE -NON-TRANSFERABLE deposit to schedule tattoo appointments. The $400 will be returned after ALL touch-ups are completed and a photograph of the HEALED work is taken, and not before.

*Regular scheduling seasons are announced through the mailing list bi-annually. Booking your appointment during these times is the ONLY way to ensure that you will get appointments at regular intervals.

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