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tattoo consultation

tattoo consultation:

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*All consultations require an appointment.  If you would like to schedule a tattoo consultation, please email me after you have read the FAQ page,  and include the following:

  •  Name, and email address
  • Description of your tattoo concept (I may reply with a request for reference photos)
  • Specify the body-area where you want the tattoo placed and please mention any nearby pre-existing tattoos if applicable.

I will reach out to you at my earliest convenience with any additional questions I may have, and with further information about arranging your consultation.  Face to face consultations are by far the most efficient and productive, but face-time consultations are possible for clients who live out of town.

 Please understand that I simply do not have time to respond to every email, and that I will not reply to emails containing questions which have already been answered on the FAQ, CONSULTATIONS, and APPOINTMENTS pages.


The online calendar on this website is for use by pre-screened clients who wish to schedule appointments.  Please join the mailing list (bottom right hand side of any page on this website) to get the notice for regular scheduling each season.


It is during this initial meeting that you will help me to better understand your tattoo needs, and I will offer you ideas and information for your consideration regarding your concept. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT phases in the entire process. Through our communication we will begin to glimpse the final realization of your ideas – though this is an ONGOING realization that continues to evolve even into the actual tattooing process, and I ask that you remain open to new ideas and fresh inspirations throughout the duration of our interactions.

The initial tattoo consultation is one of my favorite parts of tattooing. It is a very exciting time for tattoo collectors, and so it is also very exciting for me to have the opportunity to help you explore the possibilities. It is my hope that after having met with me and having discussed your ideas together, you will feel secure in knowing that I truly CARE about you, your tattoo, your long-term happiness with my services, and that you will choose to schedule appointments to have me make your next tattoo.

tattoo consultation, michael norris, atx, tattoo, hubtattoo