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The Tattoo Studio | Tattoo hubTattoo

The Tattoo Studio

 The 11th street studio my be closed- but I am still hard at work for YOU!  If you’re interested in working with me on a tattoo project, please join the mailing list, read the FAQ, and send me an email!

tattoo studio

The tattoo studio

hubtattoo has been designed to offer the most peaceful and relaxing tattoo experience possible. Searching out a tattoo artist can be a little intimidating. Getting a tattoo can be a little painful. So hubtattoo provides an atmosphere that will help you to feel welcome, help you to relax, and encourage you to sit a while and examine the portfolios.

No clutter, no over-crowding, and no “death metal” music in this tattoo studio.
 One step inside the doors of hubtattoo and you will feel the bustling world outside diminish. As a place for careful consideration of your tattoo collection, hubtattoo will never leave you feeling that you have been rushed into making a decision. We focus on exploring ideas and options with you, in an ongoing effort to discover what tattoo concept will serve your long-term happiness best.
tattoo studio

The tastefully appointed tattooing areas offer an uncommonly spacious, and welcoming atmosphere. These are typically kept open and contiguous with the entire floor space, but are easily screened off from the rest of the tattoo studio to provide you with ABSOLUTE privacy for those sessions which require you to disrobe.

There is always enough room and seating for any companions you may have invited to accompany you. We do ask that your guests respect the serenity of the work space, and help us to maintain the most enjoyable and relaxing environment possible while we work.  Silence those cell phones and use your “inside” voices please.

This is also where many of the initial scheduled consultations will take place. Feel free to come sit with us, and watch while we work (provided the privacy screens are NOT in place) to discuss your tattoo ideas. This will help you to see and understand the process.

tattoo studio
A very important part of every tattoo consultation is the examination of reference material. We will talk a while about your ideas until we are able to more accurately define the direction our work together will take. At that time we will normally offer you reference books to look through.
Looking at examples of art, images, tattoos, and inspirational material of all kinds can significantly enhance your ability to visualize your future tattoo. Your feedback here will help us understand your tastes in tattoo art. This does NOT mean that you will be selecting your design from a book of samples. This tattoo studio is  focused on custom tattoos.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold beverage in the lobby while you flip through our extensive collection of reference and inspirational material. Cultivate the fullest, richest, and most well-informed realization of your future body art that is possible.
tattoo studio

Years of personal experience in the execution and collecting of tattoos, as well as the accumulated wisdom of many generations of tattoo artists and collectors will be made available to you. Please come to the tattoo studio prepared to be presented with challenging ideas and considerations, and to ALLOW us to share with you the experience we have cultivated in this craft.

The primary objective of the artists at hubtattoo is to provide you with a tattoo that exceeds your expectations.

“It is better to surrender the control of your tattoo’s design to an artist whom you trust, than to try and control an artist whom you do not trust.” – MRN

tattoo studio
Owner michael norris is often booked quite a few months in advance- we understand that this may present some difficulty or frustration for those who are unable or unwilling to wait until the schedule allows for regular appointments.
That is why if michael is unable to help you, of if he feels that another artist may be better suited to the work that you are seeking, he will be happy to recommend a colleague who can assist you in a time frame that better suits you.

There are many talented tattooers in the Austin area who we count as friends and peers, that we are happy to refer you to.  Often it is even possible to arrange to have them tattoo you in the luxurious comfort of hubtattoo, by appointment.
tattoo studio
Health and safety are very important in any tattoo studio, and when it comes to getting tattooed there are often additional concerns due to the presence of minute amounts of blood which may be released during the application of a tattoo.
All of our tattoo needles at hubtattoo are 100% disposable single use needles that have been sterilized in an autoclave. All of the hand grips or “tubes” used at hubtattoo are sterile, single use disposables as well. Gloves are changed appropriately and barriers are placed properly to insure the prevention of cross contamination or the spread of any blood born pathogens.

hubtattoo offers an environment of absolute safety, while maintaining a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you’ve never been to a tattoo studio, or if you’ve been in many a tattoo studio, this tattoo studio is unlike any tattoo studio you’ve ever seen.