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Award winning tattoo artist michael norris.
Please take your time and peruse the site. You will find a wealth of information and inspiration for your tattoo collection here.
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* michaels regular tattoo appointment schedule for 2015 is now CLOSED

“fast track” mondays are still available

It’s been another busy scheduling time, and once again there has been a LOT of over-flow.  To those clients who were able to get booked, I can’t wait to work with you!

To those new clients who I was not able to accommodate, Im sorry I wasn’t able to fit you onto the schedule, I hope we can try again in MAY when the second season notice comes out!

Thank you all so much! Please join the mailing list to get the notice for scheduling NEXT season.


Searching for a tattoo artist can be a daunting task.  Hubtattoo is dedicated to helping you get the body art you want, from the tattoo artist best suited to the work.  No other studio will offer you such a comprehensive over-view of the process of tattoo collection.  Please visit the new learning center to enhance your tattoo knowledge!

Each year we run a promotion for amateur videographers.  If you make a video that relates to the studio you can win a gift certificate!  Prizes range in value from $100 to $600.  Interested in winning?  Email Michael for more info!

This website is tailored to offer the most tattoo information on possible.  Please read the copy.  We are very busy seeing to the needs of our clients.  Most questions new clients might have, are already answered here.  Just a little time spent searching our pages will yield a wealth of useful information.  You want your tattoo to be the best it can be.  Take the time to learn how to make the most of the experience!

Randall, Cora, and John are still available for appointments. If you are interested in scheduling with them, contact them DIRECTLY through their artist pages. Or click here to go directly to their websites:

Cora Mylene

Randall Muntz

John Perez